El Charrito Frozen Mexican Dinners Discontinued


El Charrito Frozen

When Don Miguel(r) Mexican Food Corp. discontinued El Charrito frozen Mexican dinners, they didn’t just end their product line. The company also decided to discontinue the television dinners that featured turkey with cornbread dressing, peas, sweet potatoes, and butter. During this time, Thomas and Swanson also recruited women to work as assembly-line workers. The cost of the television dinner was 98 cents.

Are There Still Frozen TV Dinners?

While El Charrito is no longer produced by Don Miguel(r) Mexican Food Corp., the company has made some new meals. Their Beef Grande Enchilada and Night Hawk Steak ‘n Taters are still available. But the frozen Mexican dinners are not made with real beef. Instead, they contain artificial flavors and preservatives. This is a shame, because they’re delicious, but you can always make them yourself.

Do Swanson TV Dinners Still Exist?

Recently, Don Miguel(r) Mexican Food Corp. announced that it was discontinuing El Charrito frozen Mexican dinners. In fact, we wrote about the protein-packed dinner in SELF. It’s only 400 calories, has 20 grams of protein, and has eight grams of fiber, so it’s not a bad choice for protein-conscious consumers. We also reviewed Sweet Earth Food’s plant-centric convenience foods, which include vegan and vegetarian options.

The company that created El Charrito used to produce television dinners. After the brand was sold, the parent company, Earthgrains, decided to focus on baked goods instead of frozen dinners. They sold El Charrito to Don Miguel Mexican Foods, which is now part of MegaMex. Banquet Foods, which is part of Conagra Brands, sold the El Charrito brand to Don Miguel Mexican Foods. The latter now owns the brand. The TV dinners are still available in some stores.

el charrito frozen Mexican dinners

A few years ago, the brand was known as TV Dinner, but recently, Don Miguel(r) Mexican Food Corp. has decided to stop making the frozen dinners. Its parent company, Earthgrains, has chosen to concentrate on baking and other items rather than frozen meals. Meanwhile, El Charrito is the Tex-Mex version of TV Dinner. The company also stopped making frozen meals that were packaged in microwave-safe plastic.

This brand is similar to El Charrito, but there is one important difference. El Charrito is made of high-quality ingredients and is suitable for anyone who is looking to eat a low-calorie meal. The beef enchiladas, for example, are made from top-quality, low-fat meat. They are 19 ounces each, and the original recipe has been used for decades.


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