Gotham Knights Gameplay Demo Reveals New Combat, Activity, and Traversal Details


A new 13-minute gameplay demo for Gotham Knights has revealed a closer look at Nightwing and Red Hood, two of the game’s playable heroes. The demo shows off some of their combat and traversal mechanics, as well as a look at how gear works, some crime activities, and a rumble with the Court of Owls.

The video above shows off gameplay from Gotham Knights in both single player and two player co-op. We get to see two crimes in action, which are short activities found in the open world which Game Director Geoff Ellenor describes as being their own mini game modes with rules and optional objectives. Shown first is Illegal Hack, which sees your chosen hero busting up a gang attempting to hack a bank, and later in the video is Illegal Shipment, which involves chasing a truck through the streets of Gotham and taking out its driver and crew.

Dispatching thugs appears to be somewhat similar to the combat seen in Rocksteady’s Batman Arkham games, although there’s a clear focus here on special abilities as well as regular punches and kicks. Red Hood, for example, is shown to have a ‘Barrage’ ability that can be used to fire bullets that penetrate and interrupt so-called ‘Armored Attacks’. From this it seems as though there may be a distinct collection of move types and appropriate counter moves.

Accompanying those regular and special abilities is Momentum, which builds with well-timed strikes, dodges, and combos. When the Momentum guage is filled, further special abilities can be used.

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With Gotham being an open world in Gotham Knights, each character has access to a unique traversal system to get around quickly. For Nightwing, that’s the Flying Trapeze, a metal glider that he can cruise over the rooftops with. Red Hood’s is more supernatural; he can literally jump across thin air using his soul energy-powered Mystical Leap. In addition, all characters can use the Batcycle to race around the streets, and make use of the Fast Bat, a fast travel system that drops you battle royale-style into the world.

The video also offers a quick look at the gear stystem, which is definitely more stat-heavy than the Arkham games, but doesn’t seem to be quite full-on Avengers loot. Characters can wear suits that provide different looks, and each has a power level, armor rating, health value, and a Momentum generation percentage. There’s also a rarity tier for each, condition stats, and a ‘colorway’ which suggests some level of visual customisation. Mods are also promised, and will be a part of mixing up the core gameplay.

There’s few other things noted in the demo, including the ability to make use of stealth and elemental status effects such as being able to cryo freeze enemies. We also get to see Red Hood take on a Talon Guardian, a fearsome warrior in the employ of the Court of Owls.

Gotham Knights releases October 25 after being delayed out of 2021. Each of the four characters (Robin and Batgirl are not featured in this demo) fight differently, and the overall game is “very different” than the Arkham series.

Matt Purslow is IGN’s UK News and Features Editor.


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