Halo Infinite Multiplayer Now Supports 120Hz on Series S


Halo Infinite multiplayer now supports a 120Hz refresh rate on Xbox Series S – bringing back a feature lost after the game’s multiplayer beta.

Players with a 120Hz monitor will be able to enjoy 120fps gameplay, even on the less powerful Xbox Series console. The feature arrived in the Halo Infinite Season 2: Lone Wolves update, bringing 120Hz back to the Series S after it featured in the multiplayer beta but didn’t make it to the full release.

As pointed out in the full patch notes, players can upgrade the frame rate by accessing the Video tab in the game’s Settings menu. Series X users can now also lower their frame rate to 30Hz to prioritise graphics, though this probably isn’t advisable for multiplayer modes.

The Season 2 update also brought three new modes, including Last Spartan Standing, plus a fresh Battle Pass and other new events, attempting to address the lack of content that has the community “simply out of patience”, developer 343 Industries said.

In our 9/10 review of the online modes, IGN said: “Halo Infinite’s multiplayer delivers a spectacular modern version of one of gaming’s most esteemed first-person shooters.”

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