How To Fix “Unrecognized option: –add-opens=jdk.compiler/”?


How To Fix “Unrecognized option: –add-opens=jdk.compiler/”?

Are you having problems with the issue “Unrecognized option: –add-opens=jdk.compiler/“? How to fix it? In today’s article, I will provide solutions for you to solve the issues. Please follow the below steps to get the problem resolved now

How did “Unrecognized option: –add-opens=jdk.compiler/” occur?

Unrecognized option: –add-opens=jdk.compiler/

When you work with JAVA, you may get the issue Unrecognized option: –add-opens=jdk.compiler/ Don’t worry, we are here to provide you solutions in order to resolve your problem.

How to fix “Unrecognized option: –add-opens=jdk.compiler/”?

To Solve Unrecognized option: -add-opens=jdk.compiler/ Here After the new update release of IntelpJ IDEA, Some Config is changed that’s why This error occurs. You can go back to JDK8. Here’s how. Go to File. Select Project Structure. Choose Project Settings, then select Project. You will see the Project language level. Just change it back to 8. This error is caused by IntepJ updating.

Solution 1: Simply go back to JDK8

This error is caused by a changed configuration in IntelliJ IDEA after the latest update. You can go back to JDK8. Here’s how.

  1. Go to File
  2. Choose a Project Structure
  3. Select Project Settings, then Choose Project
  4. You can also see Project language level
  5. Simply return it to 8.
  6. This error is caused by the fact that Project language level was changed in the latest InteliJ update.
  7. Now, just run your code.

Final words

The above are useful solutions that can help you fix “Unrecognized option: –add-opens=jdk.compiler/” problem, if you can’t solve it well. Please leave a message.


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