In the Game for Ukraine: A Livestream Fundraiser With IGN and SIDE – How to Watch and What to Expect


IGN and SIDE Global have partnered up to host In The Game for Ukraine, a livestream that aims to raise money to provide humanitarian relief for people affected by the war in Ukraine. To help us accomplish that goal, SIDE is inviting voice actors from some of the biggest games, including Uncharted 4 and The Witcher, to perform live readings of their biggest scenes.

IGN is carrying the stream and, as usual, this watch guide will provide you with everything you need to know to watch the stream, including when it starts, a list of places you can watch it with us, and how you can donate.

What Cause Are We Raising Funds For and How Can I Donate?

In the Game for Ukraine will be raising money that will provide humanitarian relief for people affected by the war in Ukraine via the British Red Cross. All proceeds will go directly to British Red Cross’ Operation Ukraine campaign.

These donations will provide food, water, first aid, medicine, warm clothes, and shelter for some of the 2.5 million people that have already left Ukraine and those that are still there. To understand better where your money is going, British Red Cross has provided the following info;

  • £10 (~$12.53 USD) could provide a hygiene kit to a family of five, giving them supplies to stay healthy for a month
  • £20 (~$25.05 USD) could provide five blankets to families taking shelter
  • £33 (~$41.34 USD) could provide 40 chlorine tablets to ensure that families have access to clean, safe water
  • £100 (~$125.27 USD) could provide sleeping mats for 66 people who have been forced from their homes
  • £210 (~$263.06 USD) could provide a fully equipped first aid kit, including supplies, to a first aider treating those wounded

You can donate by heading over to In the Game for Ukraine’s Tiltify page and can send money via PayPal or credit card. Any amount is so appreciated and will help us reach a goal of £20,000 (~$25,032.40 USD).

In the Game For Ukraine Charity Stream Start Time

The In the Game For Ukraine charity stream will take place on Saturday, May 7 at 6am PT/9am ET/2pm BST/11pm AEST. The stream will run for six hours straight.

Where to Watch the In the Game For Ukraine Charity Stream

If you’re interested in watching the In the Game For Ukraine charity stream, we’ll be hosting the show here and across our many channels on platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and our homepage. Here’s the full list of places you can watch it with us:

What to Expect at the In the Game For Ukraine Charity Stream

As previously mentioned, the In the Game For Ukraine charity stream will be raising money to provide humanitarian relief for people affected by the war in Ukraine. During the six-hour livestream, watchers will be encouraged to donate at the In the Game for Ukraine Tiltify page as they watch some of the best voice actors in the industry perform some of their most iconic scenes.

As for who will be performing during the stream, the list is as follows;

  • Uncharted 4’s Troy Baker and Nolan North
  • Doug Cockle and Jaimi Barbakoff as The Witcher’s Geralt and Triss
  • Episodes’ Joseph May as LEGO City Undercover’s bumbling cop Chase McClaine
  • Alix Wilton Regan as Cyberpunk 2077‘s Alt
  • BAFTA-Winning Jane Perry from Returnal
  • Joseph Balderrama and Annabelle Dowler from It Takes Two
  • Steven Hartley as Petrus in Greedfall
  • Shai Matheson as Sylvando from Dragon Quest XI
  • Gavin & Stacey’s Steffan Rhodri from Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

Alongside the performances, the livestream will also feature interviews, behind-the-scenes stories on bringing these characters and games to life, and much more.

IGN will be partnering with SIDE – the global provider of audio services for the game industry.

“Like so many, the SIDE team has been horrified by the humanitarian crisis resulting from the war in Ukraine. We want to raise funds to help the millions of people whose lives have been devastated in the past months, and who will be dealing with the effects for years to come,” said Sini Downing, Head of Studio, SIDE London.

“As part of the PTW family of brands, SIDE works every day with voice actors who bring life to the beloved characters in award-winning games. Our goal is to combine the global love of games and the talent in them, together in a powerful event to benefit Ukraine.”

Editor’s Note: The war in Ukraine is an ongoing, painful and emotive topic. IGN urges community members to be respectful when engaging in conversation around this subject and does not endorse harassment of any kind.

Adam Bankhurst is a news writer for IGN. You can follow him on Twitter @AdamBankhurst and on Twitch.


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