Rocket League New Mode Is Battle Royale For People Who Hate Battle Royale


You’re probably thinking “not another battle royale” and you’d be justified. However, Rocket League‘s new Knockout game mode seems to be for people who hate battle royale games.

Knockout is part of Rocket League’s spring in-game event called Knockout Bash, which goes from April 27 to May 10. This new game mode involves using the driving/soccer skills you’d use in the normal game in an eight player destruction derby-type battle royale.

In addition to the existing movesets, there are three new skills to master: Attack, Block, and Grab. Attack is basically dodging into an opponent to send them flying if placed right. Block is essentially a parry which reflects Attacks back onto the opposing player with proper timing. Grab allows you to, well, grab other players and throw them.

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Knockout also adds secondary mechanics which are basically enhanced versions of existing moves such as boosting, jumping, and lock on. For example, you’re able to do a triple jump instead of the normal double jump.

Knockout features three new Arenas specifically for the mode called Calavera, Carbon, and Quadron. The walls of each Arena have been worn away and are perfect for knocking players out of the arenas.

Unlike other battle royale games, Knockout is solo queue only and gives each player three lives. A shrinking, translucent dome called the Safezone surrounds each area, similar to shrinking circles in other battle royale games. If a player goes outside of the Safezone for 10 seconds, they’re automatically KO’d.

If there isn’t a winner after six minutes, there is a Sudden KO where every attack is fully maxed out and those thrown into the Safezone are automatically knocked out. This will likely appeal to those who prefer quicker games. In fact, the shorter time limit and three lives seems tailor made for those who aren’t too keen on battle royale games in general.

Of course, this new Knockout Bash event comes with new in-game collectibles such as Florescent Wheels, Monarch Boost, or a Flutterby Decal. There are also Golden Gift Baskets which are basically loot boxes that contain random items.

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