What are UX and UI designs


How do UX / UI designs differ? 

 For correct distinction, it is obligatory to accurately understand the concepts of mentioned terms. UI design is user interface design and UX design is user experience design. Accordingly, the initial type of web design is made by the basic appearance (buttons, colours, menus, structure). Experience of interaction is the first stage of interface development, which determines the first structure of the web project. It answers the following questions:

  • How accessible is the information users need;
  • Is it easy for users to manage the portal, site, program or application;
  • Do some details of the website interface cause negative emotions? 

 The job of UX designer is to work out an interface that doesn’t cause problems for the users. Accordingly, the UX plan is initially designed, and then the picture is “stretched” and the details are worked out (User Interface UI). An experienced specialist must conduct numerous tests so that the web project is equally informative on all devices. Contrary to relationship, UX design and UI design differ in usage during the development phase and in terms of timing. UX design is the more systematic and technical discipline, whereas UI design is the more complicated and usually deals with graphics. Two terms are tightly related. To get very good results, it is needed to use both approaches. UX and UI design services by DataArt perfectly cope with these tasks.

What UX Design services by DataArt  offers:  

  1.  Structure and strategy. UX designers collect and study information about main competitors, determine the purposes and desires of customers, and also analyze how these tasks are being resolved in the markets. Based on this test the best solution for a specific product is found.
  2. Warframes and prototyping. Based on the developed strategy, warframes are worked out, from which prototypes are created. Testing and prototyping allows you to determine bottlenecks and work out the light process of user’s interaction with interface.
  3. Development and analysis. UX design services by DataArt take part in the project at all stages of website development, coordinating cooperation with interface designers and developers. They also realize the goals of the website.

User experience design is the process of working out and improving the qualitative interaction between users and the application. UX Design services by DataArt deals with the process of analysis, testing, content, development and prototyping to validate the results quality.

 User interface design is an intermediate between a person and a device. It is not only the outward, but the interactivity of the website also. Oftentimes, User Interface design is confused with branding or graphic design. But these are delusions. The User Interface is a complicated framework that transfers product development from explore and mock-ups to an engaging, responsive and understandable user experience. UI design services by DataArt  helps to understand how the user perceives website from a visual point of view. It takes the conclusions and findings of the UX designer and give them special art form. 

 The main objectives of the UI design services by DataArt include:

  1. Visualisation. The goal of UI designers is helping the users to use the website correctly, with help of visual elements without using many words.
  2. Animations and graphics. Different graphic elements, illustrations and smooth transitions create specialty and uniqueness.
  3. Responsiveness. Animations, UI prototyping, adaptability are the elements that will deliver the most comfort of using the website on any devices.

So, everyone who opens an app or sites takes a travel down the road that a UX designer has made. But only the UI designer can make this travel exciting and wonderful. He acts as a guide to an interesting new world.

Specialists of UX and UI services by DataArt are involved into the software process to deliver very comfortable products for users. Our company has extensive experience in developing complicated B2B solutions and applications. So using UI and UX design services by DataArt is the best decision for working out and websites and applications.


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